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Crowen Week: Day 3 - Favourite Kisses 

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Crowen Appreciation Week
Day 1: Favourite Quote
All I keep thinking is you and I are throwing so much away. We should be together. You’re the love of my life and it is stupid, just stupid for us to keep pretending. I love you. I want to be with you, for real, forever. It’s as simple as that

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"It was my first blasting in the field. Body was mangled, home-made explosive device, copper wires were embedded five inches deep in the abdomen, arms and legs hanging on by threads of skin. I never seen anything like it. Not in a textbook, not during residency. It was incredible. Body full of holes… trauma surgeons dream. I put turnakits on where I could, started tying up the arteries with my bare hands, but the bleeding was everywhere, stomach, chest… the best pressure I could think of was my own body. So, I … I layed there for two hours on top of him, just.. not moving, trying to keep that dam from bursting with my own, hands and knees, and elbows… Body… full of holes. But he never bled out."

I can’t take my eyes off of you

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Crowen appreciation week 

  • Day 1: favorite quotes

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Crowen Appreciation Week
Day 1: Favourite Quotes

“Someone who doesn’t care to cook or get out of bed when it’s not a work day. Someone who sleeps so soundly and peacefully that I have to check her pulse sometimes. Someone who has suffered, and understands suffering to the point that I don’t have to say a word, I just look at her…and she sees who I am, and how I feel, and accepts it, doesn’t try to change it, and doesn’t want to change it. That person. And there’s a billion people out there, but I imagine there’s only one of her.” 

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Crowen Week: Day 1 - Favourite Quotes 

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"I’ll always be in love with you. You’re the love of my life."

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Owen appreciating Cristina’s love for surgery

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