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Look me in the heart and tell me you won’t go.

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dr. danny ‘diamond dan’ castellano in 3x01

"I wish I had known it was gonna be the last time you and I were together. I would have done things a little differently"

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PS. I’m not saying having a crackship is wrong I just personally cannot ship it. 

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Okay so this whole Callie Owen friendship might be nice to see but I honestly don’t want to see nice. I want to see Crowen and Cristina coming back and telling Owen she needs him (Which yes I know will not happen….Not right now anyways). I want to see passion again. I JUST WANT CROWEN. And for all Callie Owen shippers it’s just wrong. Callie and Owen will never be a thing so lets stop that right now. Any crackships with Owen just is yucky to me. This is my opinion and I do respect other opinions but I just cannot see anyone else with Owen ever. He would never love anyone like he loves Cristina Yang. Kevin himself has said she is the love of his life and always will be. 

So basically I cannot ship Callie and Owen, I cannot ship anyone else with Owen but Cristina and never will. I don’t have crackships because I love Crowen a ridiculous amount. Until Cristina comes back I will ship single Owen. Maybe Shonda should look at letting Owen adopt why does she feel the need to put Owen with someone? It’s utterly stupid. SO MANY CROWEN FEELS! That is all.

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crowen + tumblr text posts #1

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You’re either the butcher, or the cattle.

Such an AMAZING premier!

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Hey anon after some sleuthing, I found the picture! (source: x)



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