I just can’t imagine a Grey’s Anatomy without Cristina Yang or Crowen. Also Owen needs to just be single and adopt a baby or something because there is NO WAY he will ever love anyone like he loves Cristina. He will never get over her! I can’t handle seeing Owen with anyone else. No one will ever be as epic as Crowen.


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Downton Abbey ; 5.01

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awesome songs played during crowen scenes [2/6]
8tracks // full list // insp.

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You named it, the feeling. You have to know what it is before you can start to navigate to somewhere better.

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"I do."

Happy 4th anniversary Cristina & Owen!

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"I can’t talk enough about Kevin McKidd. Yes, talented, blah blah blah blah blah blah, but there’s one thing. Okay, more than one thing. One, he’s a great kisser. Two, he has amazing skin. I get to touch it sometimes.Yeah, it’s your skin and your lips, babe." - Sandra Oh (x)

"[About Sandra] She’s always going to be my friend. She’s one of my best friends. I feel tearful talking about it. It reminds me of how great that chemistry is." - Kevin McKidd (x)

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I'm a HUGE Crowen shipper, this blog is mainly Crowen and Kendra. Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd are AMAZING! COFOREVER

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